3 Most Amazing Websites On the Internet

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Amazing Websites On Internet – How long have you been using the internet? For a long time, isn’t it? But if I ask you how many websites you have visited till date, then you will take the names of some well-known sites, right?

But do you know that there are some sites on the internet that no one knows much about? These websites are not like common sites, but they are quite shocking. And you too will be surprised to see them and start wondering why you did not know about them earlier.

In fact, there are many sites like this available on the internet, but I have visited the most famous sites and created a list of Most Amazing Websites On the Internet which might be really useful for you.

03: You Are Getting Old

Time passes by quickly, doesn’t it? I still remember when I was little and weep over small things. It seems as if it was only yesterday. And with time our age also increases.

This website that I am going to share with you is related to your age. This will tell you exactly how much your age has increased since you were born.

Now you must be thinking what is special about this, because you already know your age, right? So let me tell you that this website not only tells your age but also tells that how many years, months and days had passed by since you are on earth.

Apart from this, this site will also tell you how many times your heart has beaten since your birth, how many times you have taken breath, what is your star sign and much more. This is amazing website available on Internet. Sounds interesting? What about giving it a try?

02: Rainy Mood

Do you love rainy season? me too! I love the sound of raining as well as the smell of soil after rain. What can be more relaxing than seating at the window corner and having a cup of hot coffee with a soft music in the background when it rains.

If you also love rain then ‘Rainy Mood’ website is gonna interesting for you. It will not bring rain for you but can give you the feeling. When I visited this site i thought it will not be that much interesting because how can it provide you with the feelings so easily. But as I used this site I was totally surprised.

This site play such a realistic raining sound that you can not avoid listening to it. Just play the sound, close your eyes and see the magic. You can use it while studying, sleeping, relaxing an meditating.

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01: Colorize Black & White Photo

Have you ever tried to color a black & white photo? This sounds quite difficult, isn’t it? But frankly, it is not so difficult. Because this era of internet made everything easy. Even if you are not an expert in painting, you can change the black and white photos to colored photos in the best way.

You can easily do it with the help of ‘Colorize Black & White Photo Tool’ provided by Algorithmia. This is an amazing site and works nicely. When you will visit this site, you will get an option to upload or paste the URL of a Black & White photo.

After you do it and press enter, it starts colorizing the photo. No matter which B&W photo you upload, it will colorize all of them.