How to Change Font in WhatsApp Chat (100% Working)

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Change Font in WhatsApp Chat – Are you bored by sending the same font style messages to your friends in whatsapp? Do you want to try something new? Then this article can prove to be quite fun for you. Bbecause in this article today, I am going to tell you how to change font in whatsapp chat easily.

But one important thing that you have to keep in mind is that you cannot change whatsapp font permanently. Because whatsapp does not allow you to do this. But it provides you some whatsapp font tricks. With the help of the tricks you can easily change the fonts of your whatsapp chats.


How to Change Font in WhatsApp Chat?

To change the font in whatsapp chat, you must be logged in to your whatsapp. It is good if you are already logged in, but if you are not, then definitely do it.

When you are able to access your WhatsApp Chats, just follow the steps I have mentioned below.

01: Bold Style

If you have been using whatsapp for a long time, you must have seen this type of message at some time. On seeing this, the question must have come in your mind that how did the person who sent the message did this? How did he change font in whatsapp chat?

So today I am going to tell you how you can change the font of your whatsapp chat in bold style. The way to do this is quite easy, just read this article well.


First of all, open a chat screen in your whatsapp. Then type some messages in the typing area. Let’s suppose you typed How Are You? to your friend. Now here you have to use the trick that I am going to tell you. Attach this sign of star (*) before and behind your typed text and send the message.

*How Are you?*

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As soon as you send the message, you will be able to see that your message has changed into Bold style and it will look like this – How Are you?

02: Italic

Do you like the first trick? I am sure that you will like this second trick too. This time we will see that ‘How to Change Font in Whatsapp Chat to Italic‘. The way to do this is the same as before, it is just the difference of some things that I am going to tell you.

As before, in the whatsapp chat screen, the app type a normal message. As before, in the whatsapp chat screen type a normal message. Suppose you typed ‘How Are You?’.

italic Style Change

Now add underscores (_) before and behind the text you have typed. It should look like this: _How Are You?_

After you have done this, send the message and yo will see your text has turned into an Italic text like this: How Are You?

03: Strikethrough

Similarly, you can also try the strike through font style. But what is a strikethrough font? A strikethrough font looks like a crossed out text. if you see a text having a line through the middle then it is a strike through text.

how to change whatsapp font permanently

To do this, again type a simple text and put this symbol (~) in front of the text like this: ~Good Morning~

I hope you got to change font in whatsapp chat to strikethrough. Now let’s move forward to the next one.

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04: Monospace

monospace font whatsapp chat change

The last but not least method I am going to tell you is ‘How to change font in whatsapp chat to Monospace?’. To do ths, simply type a text message to your friend. Then add this symbol (`) before and after 4 times.

Look at the image if you face any kind of problem in doing this. After you do it, It will look like this. This is Monospace.