How to Convert PDF to JPG online [PDF Converter]

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How to Convert PDF to JPG online – Are you looking for the best way to convert pdf file to jpg file online? Yes? Then this article is just for you. Because in this article, I have mentioned How to Convert PDF to JPG online.

This is a 100% free method and it will help you to make the task easy. As it is an online process so you don’t have to download any kind of software for converting the PDF file to JPG format. You just have to open your browser and you are ready.


What is a PDF File?

Any file that has a .pdf extension attached at the end of its name is called a pdf file. It was discovered by Adobe in the 1990s. This is a file that contains a lot of text and images, but they cannot be edited.

Actually, it was invented with the aim to make any document in such a way that no one can edit or modify it and it can also be printed. PDF is the short form of Portable Document Format.

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What is JPG File Format?

If you have ever clicked or shared a photo, you must have seen the .jpg extension at the end of the photo’s name. Have you ever thought about what it is and why do we use it?

JPG or JPEG is the short form of Joint Photographic Experts Group. it is one of the formats for images. There are basically two kinds of formats available for images. Both of them have different definitions and features.

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JPG is one of them. In the format of JPG, the size of the images is reduced or compressed without losing quality. If you are thinking to use any image on the web, you should go for JPG. Because it is highly compressed.

Another difference that we can notice in PNG and JPG is transparency. You get a transparent background in PNG but not in JPG.

How to Convert PDF to JPG online?

In the course of converting pdf to jpg, the first thing that you will need to do is to visit a website Pdf2Jpg. This PDF to JPG online converter is 100% free and easy to use. You can easily convert PDF to JPG in no time without facing any problem.

On the other hand, You also don’t need to download any kind of software and all. This is a fully online drag and drop process. It provides you with high-quality jpg formats. Just make sure to follow the steps I have mentioned and easily convert pdf file into jpg.

01: Submit Your PDF File Format

On your screen, you can see an option to upload a pdf file. Click on it, browse your file manager or disks and select the pdf file. One thing that you should always keep in mind is that the pdf file can not exceed 25 Mb.

Always try to keep your PDF File size under 25 Mb. If your file is more than the given limit, separate the file in many parts. it will help you to reduce the file size.

02: Select the JPG Quality

The next step is to select the quality of the jpg image converted from pdf. There are 3 types of quality features available Good, Average and Excellent.

Each of them has a different purpose for usage. You can use Good if your PDF includes illustrations. Use Average for regular PDF and Excellent for high-quality JPG.

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03: Convert PDF to JPG

After you have finished the setup, click on Convert PDF to JPG. Finishing the process takes a few minutes. At the last of the processing, a new page will load and you will be able to download the jpg file.

How easy it was, right? This is the best way to Convert PDF to JPG Online. I hope you loved reading this article. Feel free to share it on social media platforms. Keep visiting this blog for more articles related to Android, Internet, tricks and more.

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