Dice Dreams Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Rolls)

Play with real-life opponents from all over the world. Role dices, attack other kingdoms, steal money, and build your empire.
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22 June 2022
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Dice Dreams is a multiplayer competitive dice board game by Superplay. It is an android game allowing you to play with your Facebook friends and other online opponents. Dice Dreams’ design is based on old-school board games that we all loved.

It is a competitive game but with a touch of casualness. You can even play the solo game if you want to have a nice time but if you want to play competitive games, you can challenge your friends and other opponents as well.

Dice Dreams is free to download and involves in-game purchases only. It is a world-building game in which you have to roll dice and collect coins. And with those coins, you can build your kingdom and improve it.

You can earn coins, and bonuses and even get new kinds of buildings for your kingdom. As you will keep winning, you will get various bonuses like destructive powers and can even raid others’ kingdoms. Strengthen your kingdom and build a fortress that everyone will admire.

There are additional features as well like a leaderboard and trophy cabinet. This game is free to download but to access features like chips and dice roll boosters, there are in-app purchases that you might have to consider.

About Dice Dreams MOD Apk

Dice Dreams MOD Apk is a modified version of Dice Dreams which allows you to access all the premium features for free. Although the game is free to download, there are lots of in-app purchases that require lots of money.

This allows you to wander in this pirate world. You can visit various other kingdoms, raid them, collect different kinds of bonuses and enjoy the game better. You can earn new dice by challenging your friends.

Dice Dreams MOD APK lets you access those premium features for free and removes all the in-app purchases. It also unlocks all the premium locations and increases your playing field by tenfolds.

You can find the MOD Apk on various application downloading websites. In this game, you can attack other kingdoms and defend your kingdom by rolling the dice. You get to attack and defense cards based on how you roll the dice.

You have to build your castle and keep upgrading it. Also, you may have to construct other buildings like King’s Monument, Peon Home, Stable, and Tourney Tent and establish your kingdom. The more building you will build, the more bonus you will get.

Dice Dreams Features

This casual game is packed with exciting features. You can level up and collect various cards that will allow you to do various things like Attack, steal and defend.

Play With Your Friends

Dice Dreams not only allows you to play with real-life opponents from all over the world but you can also challenge your friends and have a fun rivalry with them. You can attack their kingdom and steal from it or can even play with them.

Dice Dreams use Facebook to sign in so it gives you the information of all the friends that are playing this game and lets you connect with them. So, you can dive deep into the world of pirates with your friends and build your empire with them.

You can combine your forces to attack or steal someone else kingdom too. This interaction-based gameplay really helps you advance in the game and keep the fun spirit going for a long time.


Even if the game is weird and not something you have seen frequently, it is very easy to understand. You get the tutorial at the start of the game and you can take it from there. The nature of the game is very easy to understand and fun at the same time.

You can understand the game just by playing it once and even when the difficulty increases as you climb up the leaderboard, you can easily understand the concepts of the game.


Dice Dreams allows you to build your own empire. You can build your own kingdom as you like it. Choose from the different kinds of buildings and set them up as you like them. Upgrade them and make your kingdom the best in the world.

And the world-building in Dice Dreams is addictive as well as simple. There are no complexities like other world-building games, you can easily build your own empire and compete against the world. You even get a notification when someone is attacking your kingdom.

Multiple Game Modes

You can select from various game modes and can choose to play competitively as well as casually. You can challenge your friends and have a fun time as well as challenge players around the globe to climb up the leaderboard.

Dice Dreams also allows you to choose from ‘solo’ and ‘multiplayer’ modes as you want. The solo mode is a fun mode where you can have a fun time alone.

  • Solo Mode: Play alone and prepare your empire against the attacks and store some valuable resources.
  • Challenge Friends: Challenge your friends and have a fun rivalry with the, Attack their kingdom and steal from them or with them.
  • PVP Mode: Play against the real-time players from around the globe and rise up in the leaderboards.

Realistic Dice Gameplay

The best feature of Dice Dreams is the realistic dice gameplay the game offers you. The roll of dice feels like real life and has that unpredictability. It makes the game even more enjoyable and makes you work harder for the rewards.

Leaderboard and Trophy Cabinet

By challenging players from around the globe you can climb the world leaderboard and get rewards according to that. The higher the rank you will get on the leaderboard the better rewards you will get. The competitive nature of the game can be seen through the leaderboard.

There is also a trophy cabinet that allows you to collect various trophies based on your achievements. You can collect various trophies as you complete the objectives and achievements. And just like trophies, you can also collect various cards as you keep leveling up.

The more you level up, the more cards and trophies you can unlock.

Download Dice Dreams Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Download Dice Dreams and build your kingdom for free. Visit kingdoms, raid them, collect bonuses and enjoy challenging your friends.

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