Hype Text – Type Animated Text & Mojo Story Maker

Create stunning Video Stories and mojo art for Instagram! Video stories editor is Story templates with 200+ text animation & beautiful layouts.
Hype Text lets you create stunning stories. It can add well-designed text animation layout,which hype your videos and story art stand out.

You can use Hype Text to:
– Add beautiful captions for your prequel or intro videos, fast and easy.
– Make your story part stand out by adding awesome animated text overlay, including type animations.
– Attract more views by turning photos to animated text posters.
– Create more impressing animated quotes, let it be a great intro maker.
Hype your Stories with automatically styled and designed motion typography! It is perfect matches Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, and Tik Tok.

– Dozens of well-designed text layouts.
– Edit color of mojo text layouts.
– Edit speed of legend text animation.
– Keep updating more text layouts,animations and prequel templates.

Download Hype Text, the app to decorate your videos and photos with beautiful animated text.

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