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EverMerge is a magical world that gets bigger and better with each discovery. Come play this part merge, part world-building puzzle game, as seen on TV!
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Jun 29, 2022
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Are you a fan of puzzle games? We have got the perfect app for you. EverMerge is a half merge, half world-building sim recreation puzzle game. It actually combines many fantasy elements of other games’ gameplay mechanics.

And because of that EverMerge creates a very dynamic and contrasting world for every player. And it makes the world-building so satisfying and wonderful to watch. The players can build their world according to their desire.

They can use anything to build their own world and can even merge objects or units to create new surprises. Players also have the access to visit and access many different architectural cultures. Giving them the option to create more fun and vibrant city.

As you will keep expanding your world you will discover new mysteries and rewards that will help you build your world. These new resources will help your world look beautiful and will unlock new structures and rewards as well.

The sandbox-style play opens up limitless possibilities and mergers that you can combine and make a force for yourself. You also have the chance to meet different basic creatures and creatures that will help to level up further.

About EverMerge MOD Apk

EverMerge MOD Apk lets you explore this new world and create your own empire without any restrictions. This game might be free to download, but there are various features that need in-app purchases and technicality.

Since the game runs on energy if the energy depletes you won’t be able to play the game for some time. And that is annoying because the energy can run out at any time. It is the same with other valuable resources like coins, stars, and gems.

EverMerge MOD APK provides you unlimited energy so you can play the game without any break. You won’t have to leave the game in the middle of an important construction because of the energy depletion anymore.

Furthermore, the MOD Apk will also provide you with unlimited coins. That will allow you to purchase as many new resources and different architectural helping tools and products. That will help you build your empire faster.

Download EverMerge MOD APK Unlimited Energy

One more feature of MOD Apk is that it also provides you with unlimited stars and gems. The stars will help you level up. The more stars you collect the more you level up. And the gems help in-store purchases which can only be done with real money otherwise.

TypePuzzle Game
Released onMay 04, 2020
Updated onJun 29, 2022

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EverMerge Features

Your Universe

It is your own universe and you are in charge of how to build it entirely. You can take every decision regarding how your world will be made. You can collect every architecture that you want and build your city according to it.

The players are completely in charge of the strategies and you can do everything to build your empire. Construct new buildings, drag them, merge them match them, and arrange puzzle pieces any way you wish. You will have a completely different experience playing EverMerge compared to other board and merge games.

That is not all. New structures and things keep arising out of nowhere that are needed to be merged and matched. So, you will never feel that the gameplay is the same or monotonous. There will always be things to explore.

Special Events

If you want different and amazing rewards that will help you level up, EverMerge has the best things for you. You can participate in special and unique events that come out regularly in the game to earn those rewards.

These events include unique puzzles that can be completed to earn themed sweets and surprises. These themed sweets and surprises will help you build your empire and help you increase your level easily. And these events are fun as well.

Unique and Interesting Characters

There are so many interesting characters in the game that you can interact with. Every character is unique and has its own traits. And that makes the interaction with them really interesting and makes the game unpredictable.

Every character in the game will help you build the city and level up. The further you level up, the more interesting and layered characters you will meet. That will give you more bonuses and rewards and will make the gameplay interesting.

Daily Quests

EverMerge also provides you with daily quests. These daily quests involve daily puzzles that are intriguing and will help you earn better rewards. All of these quests are really simple and you can complete them pretty easily.

These daily quests will help you earn energy, rewards, gems, and coins, and will even help you earn XP points. The number of login days will determine the rewards you will get from daily quests. The more regular you are, the better the rewards.

Match 3-Puzzle Game

EverMerge might be one of the most interesting Match 3-Puzzle Games in the app store right now. And the best thing is that the game is absolutely free. EverMerge also adds interesting dynamics to make these puzzles more interesting for casual fans.

The player has to get the currency from the match-3 puzzles to explore the unexplored lands and build the city. And with the ever-evolving gameplay, new mechanics keep getting added to the gameplay to keep it fresh.


Another interesting feature of EverMerge is the farming dynamic that the game provides to the players. The players can grow many different crops for each specific soil type. It gives the players a whole new world to explore.

It is an additional source of income for your kingdom. The harvest of your crops can be used to earn various rewards and make your kingdom more beautiful and rich. It will also save the total time taken to develop the land.

Create Your Collection

You can unlock new buildings, infrastructures, creatures, and different characters and make your own personal collection of them. The more things you unlock the better your experience will be of playing EverMerge.

And there are so many things to unlock that will make your collection truly beautiful. EverMerge is truly a rewarding game that will reward you for your efforts.

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