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Video editing is something that is most required nowadays. Whether it is youtube, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, or any other online platform, videos are considered the best medium to convey information and emotions. Every time you need to compile the videos, you cannot look for professional editors, as it will burn down your pocket. And that is why the simple video editing apps come in function.

These apps are easy to use and give the same output as a professional video editing software. With such apps’ help, everyone is a video editor who can at least create videos for their status.

Such an app is FilmoraGo Pro Apk, the modified version of the top-rated video editing app, Filmora. You get all the similar features of Filmora premium in FilmoraGo Pro Apk for absolute free of cost. Many people use this APK as it is straightforward to understand and use. It features professional tools that will add the wow factor in your video.

Here in this article, we will learn about the FilmoraGo Pro Apk and the steps to download it.
What is FilmoraGo Pro Apk?
FilmoraGo Pro APK is the modified version of the Filmora video editor that lets you create stunning videos free of cost. Since a third party makes the APK, you will not find it in the play store.

To download the FilmoraGo Pro Apk free of cost, click on After opening the page, you will get a spot of ink that will flash the download option. Click on the link, and it will redirect you to a different page.

On that page, you can see three options to download the APK file. All three options differ with each other concerning size and features. The minimum size is 34 MB, and the maximum size of the APK file is 98 MB.
You can select any of your choices. We recommend that you should go for the highest-sized file as it will have good quality and feature more tools and effects.

Please select any of the three options and click on it. The download will start.
Once you have downloaded the file, you need to install it on your device. Keep scrolling the article to know about the installation process of the app file.
Here is a table mentioning the APK files detail of FilmoraGo Pro Apk, that is available for you to download.
Genres: Video Players & Editors
Version : 4.0.2
Requires: 7.0
Size:45 MB
MOD Features: Unlocked
Updated: 2020/08/19
FilmoraGo Pro Apk Features
Here are some of the outstanding features of FilmoraGo Pro Apk that will enforce you to give the app a shot!
Smartphone users best
If you are one who loves to create videos over the phone, then FilmoraGo Pro APK is the best option for you. The APK embeds with features that make it the best option for smartphone users.
The user interface of the FilmoraGo Pro Apk is quite easy and comfortable when it comes to using it on a smartphone.

Even if you are a beginner in video editing, the APK will serve your purpose by allowing you to do professional editing on your smartphone. The APK is compatible with all the smartphones and well very much similar to that on the system.

It is a quick and easy video editor tool for smartphone users. It provides you access to various effects and animations that will make your video look, WOW!
Quick import
Many times, importing photos and videos become difficult but not with FilmoraGo Mod Pro Apk. It allows quick and easy import of pictures and videos to the editing panel without any hassle.

You get various options to import your media from. It can import pictures and videos directly from your smartphone or system.
You can also direct the app to import pictures directly from your social media accounts or google drive.

All you need to do is click on the import button, direct the location of images and videos to the app, and it will smoothly import the media from there.
Amazing effects
Video editing is all about amazing effects. The more beautiful effects your videos will have, the more it will enthrall people. Good qualities and placement of effects is the first sign of a good video and video editor.

FilmoraGo Pro Apk features a range of more than 400 effects to help you get the professional look for your video. You need to select your raw photo or video, and within minutes they will surprise you when mixed with effects.

From multiple overlays to amazing and trending effects, FilmoraGo Pro Apk has all. Change color, change the font, or you get to customize the effects as per your need.
Choose your music
Another important element of a video is the audio or, more precisely, the music. It is the music that lets the video stand out from various similar videos available.

FilmoraGo Pro Apk gives you the liberty to select your music. You can add music in your video by dragging it from your mobile or can choose music from the online store.

It is very easy to search and select the perfect soundtrack for your video in the Filmora library. Just select the music and let it amplify the emotions of your video.
You can add music in the form of voice as well or your own created music very easily. It is very smooth to edit music in FilmoraGo Pro Apk.

Professional editing/ subtitles
Are you sad because how much you try your video does not look professional? If yes, you need to give FilmoraGo Pro Apk a shot. This APK lets you create professional videos by offering various professional video editing tools.
You get to trim your videos with the second marks. Also, mute the particular portions of your video and cut out the unrequired part of your video.

FilmoraGo Pro Apk also gives you the intrinsic feature of adding animated subtitles in your video. Change the color, font, and the animation of the text and give it a professional touch up.

You will feel the change yourself after using the effects, overlays, subtitles, and other professional editing tools of FilmoraGo Mod Pro Apk.
Quick export and share
Once you finish the video editing, it is time to show it to the world. But to expose your creativity to the world, you need to export the video. A lot of times, exporting the video might get on your nerves!

Usually, it takes a lot of time and patience but not withFilmoraGo Pro Apk. The super app exports your final output within minutes, depending on the size of the file.

Another helpful feature of FilmoraGo Pro Apk is that you can directly share the file from the APK to your social media handles. You can directly WhatsApp the video to your friends or set it as your status.
In a nutshell, sharing of the created file becomes way much easier with FilmoraGo Pro Apk.
Templates/online editing materials/effects store
The video editor panel of FilmoraGo Pro Apk is quite friendly and easy to use. You can also add various new editing material from the internet and the available templates and editing tools on the panel.

FilmoraGo Pro Apk library has a very wide collection of effects, templates, and other editing materials to offer you.
You can select from a range of templates and effects and glorify your video a bit more.
Free, free, free!
The foremost feature of FilmoraGo Pro Apk is that it is free. Yes, you heard it right; you do not need to spend a single coin to access all the features mentioned above.

It means you are getting a stunning video editor and professional editing features and a wide range of effects, and all for absolutely free. FilmoraGo Pro Apk is a must-try app as it is free of cost.
How to install FilmoraGo Pro Apk?
To get all the application’s exclusive features, you need to install the app on your device. The application is available both for the system as well as a smartphone. Here we shall be discussing the installation process of FilmoraGo Pro Apk on smartphones.
To install the FilmoraGo Pro Apk in your smartphone, follow the below steps:
First, you need to download the FilmoraGo Pro Apk from
Once the download is complete, you need to go to the settings option of your phone.
In the setting options, you have to turn on the download permissions to ‘Unknown Sources.’
It is important to do because the file you have downloaded is a mod file from third-party sources.
After turning on the setting, go to the file location and open it to start the installation.
You need to wait for a few minutes for the installation to happen.
Once the installation happens, you will get a welcome note, which means your app is ready to use.
Run the app in your favorite language and share stunning videos with your friends. You can also use the app to create professional videos for your vlogs, youtube, Instagram IGTV, etc.
Pros and Cons of FilmoraGo Pro Apk
Everything has two sides and the same rule follows here. FilmoraGo Pro Apk is a helpful app but comes with certain limitations. It would be eBay for you if you know about both the app’s sides before using it:
Pros of FilmoraGo Pro Apk
It is free of cost.
It is the best video editing app for beginners.
The size of the file is comparatively smaller.
It can run smoothly on a smartphone.
It offers you a wide range of effects and professional video editing tools.
The export and sharing feature of the app is very smooth.
Cons of FilmoraGo Pro Apk
Since it is free, time to time ads might bother you.
While doing heavy editing, the process might get slower.
Since, it is a third-party app, downloading from an untrusted link might invite viruses in your system.
Frequently asked questions
Is it free?
Yes, FilmoraGo Pro Apk is for absolutely free of cost. It means you do not need to burn a single hole in your pocket to get world-class editing features. From endless templates to exclusive effects and professional editing tools, you get all free of cost.
FilmoraGo Pro Apk is the mode of Filmora premium. Hence it features ads instead of money.

So, you can bother with the ads for the outstanding features the app provides you. All you need to do is, install the app on your smartphone and get ready with professional video editing and all for free of cost.
Does the app contain ads?
Since FilmoraGo Pro Apk is a mod APK, you will have to face some annoying ads. If you are downloading mods of any premium app, it is for sure that you will get ads. But the amount and frequency of ads in FilmoraGo Pro Apk will not annoy you as you can ignore them.

Also, the exclusive features of the app are greater than the annoying ads. Hence the ads can be ignored and not cared for.

You can enjoy all the editing features free of cost and create professional videos using your smartphone and share it with your friends. All this comes for free of cost and a few ads, which is quite not a bad deal!
Is it available in various languages?
Yes, the app is available in various languages ranging from English to many more. You can’t select your language from the list of languages available and continue editing your favorite language.

Once you select a language, everything within the app will be displayed in your selected language, making it easier for you to understand.
Why is it free of cost?
The Filmora video editing app comes with similar features. But the in-app purchases might hinder your video editing. Also, the watermark is another big problem of the app. So, here is FilmoraGo Pro Apk, the modified version of the same video editing app.

Since it is a third-party app, you get it free of cost and all the features are the same as Filmora. You get the same features for free of cost.
All you need to do is enable download apps from unknown sources’ in your smartphone to install and use this brilliant app free of cost.
Is it a good app for editing videos?
It is one of the brilliant apps available to edit your videos. Filmora is a big name in the editing land, and FilmoraGo Pro APK is the modified version of the same app that will give you a perfect video editor panel.

You get to select from several effects and templates that you might not find anywhere else. Not only editing, importing, and exporting of media is exceptionally smooth with FilmoraGo Pro Apk.
Even if you are a beginner, the app will let you create professional videos free of cost within minutes. You must give this app a shot as you are going to love it!
How can I download FilmoraGo Pro Apk?
To download the FilmoraGo Pro Apk free of cost, click on From there, you can choose the size of the APK file you want to download.

Once the download happens, you need to install the APK file in your device. To install the file, you need to ensure that you have turned on your phone settings to unknown sources. Then open the file and run it in your desired language.
Is Filmora free to use?
If you select to use the original Filmora app, you have to pay for the premium version. Though the unpaid version lets you edit videos with a good amount of features and effects, it will export the video with a watermark.
Having a watermark in between the video makes it difficult to share the video on any platform.

To remove the watermark, you have to buy the premium version of Filmora by spending a good amount of money. But luckily, you have a better alternative.
FilmoraGo Pro APK is the modified version of Filmora pro that gives you access to all the features of the Filmora premium for absolutely free of cost.

You can find the app on the internet and download it from there to create first-class videos without any watermark.
Is Filmora worth the money?
Of Course, it is well worth everything. The interface of the app is very intuitive and easy. You will understand the entire editing panel within 30 minutes. Once you understand the app, it becomes an icing job to create a video on the application.
The templates and outstanding effects of the app make it the best of its kind. You can use the app to create high-quality professional videos as well.
Video editing is a beautiful and tough job. The choices of effect, colors, and text can alter the emotions of the video. Many times, you have vision and ideas, but you lack the method of assembling them. And here, you need a strong video editor tool that allows you to create exquisite videos at ease.

FilmoraGo Pro Apk is a powerful video editor that lets you create stunning videos for free of cost. Since it is a free app file, you will come across various ads, but you can ignore its benefits.

The app’s powerful and professional features and tools let you create and share amazing videos in your friend circle and worldwide. The APK is accessible, easy to use, and free, which makes it stand out.

You must consider FilmoraGo Mod Pro Apk while looking forward to creating a video of your own.

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