Best Free Online Logo Maker And Download [100% Free]

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Are you looking for the Best Free Online Logo Maker to create creative looking logos for your site? It is quite difficult to find the best free logo maker tool right? Because most of the tools describes themselves as free one. But after you use them, they all ask you to pay for the logos.

I, myself, have tried too many so called free logo services on the internet. But I was unable to satisfy myself. But finally I got the 100% free tool for my business.

I am talking about the Namecheap Free Online Logo Maker And Download Tool. This is not a sponsored article, I only want to get you out of the most common problems of people.


To know how this really works, make sure to read the whole article. Each of the paragraph in this article is very much important for you. So, you will be able to create cool and attractive logos using this Best Free Online logo Maker.

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A logo is a very important part of the branding of your business. A logo usually an addition of image and text. It describes your business in a very simple way.

Logos have the power to attract people towards your business. People mostly remember any company with its logo. So it is important to have nice and well designed logo.

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Do you know how a logo should be? Here are some characteristics of logo that must be followed for a better result.

  • Simple – Logos should be as simple as possible. Because simple logos are easy to understand as well as always neat and clean.
  • Relevant – Logo should be related or relevant to your website topic. For example, logo of a health niche for a technology site is as different as chalk and cheese.
  • Attractive – Attractive logos get more attentions than the normal one.
  • Creative – Try to put as much creativity as you can in your logo. People love creative things.
  • Versatile – A good logo should be versatile enough to look good on all devices. Even if you print it out on your business card or merchandise, it should look great.

Free Online Logo Maker And Download

To create a free logo for your website, first of all you have to visit the Namecheap Free Online Logo Maker. You do not need to create an account here.

After reaching the site, it will ask you some questions related to your business and interests. It will help the Free online Logo Maker Site to create logo based on your interests.

Business Name And Type

First, your company name and second, type of your business. In the first box, type the name of your business or website.

Similarly, Select the type of your business according to the topic of your website. Your site might be related to technology, food, fashion & beauty and more. So wisely select it or you can just leave it blank.

Your Favorite Font Styles

Now it will show you some font style designs. Out of them, you have to choose 6 font designs that you like. This Best Free Online logo Maker provides you with varieties of font styles such as classical, traditional, friendly, calligraphic, clean and much more.

Have you selected your favorite fonts? let’s move forward then.

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Pick your Favorite Color & Slogan

You can see some color palettes on your screen. Choose the color that will be best for your logo. Do it keeping the site design of your website in your mind.

After selecting the suitable color, it’s time to decide your Free Online Logo Slogan. But what a slogan is? A slogan is a small description that includes only 5-6 words and describe your business.

If you haven’t decided yet, do it calmly or leave it blank. If your slogan is ready, type it and click on continue.

Choose 3 Favorite Icons

Icons are the most important part of any logo. Because this is the thing that plays a big role in attracting people to your business. Therefore it is very important to choose icons according to the topic and design of your website.


This Free online logo Maker Tool provides you with various icon designs. If you can not see the icons of your topic, search for it using the search box. For example I have searched technology. All the icons of it have started showing.

You can choose up to 3 icons. So, smartly choose each of them. When you have done, click on continue button.

This Best Free online Logo Maker Tool will now show you various logo designs with different color combinations on your screen. Choose the best one for your website and click on it to edit, save or download.


You can now easily edit your logo font, slogan, color, icon and layout. After you are satisfied with the result, click on download. As I told your before, this is 100% free to use.

You can see a lot of download files after the downloading is done. There are illustrator files, icon images, logo images with different styles and much more. I would suggest you to take a look at them.

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This is the Best Free Online Logo Maker I have ever used. if you were also looking for such a great logo maker tool, go for it.