GPS Map Camera MOD APK (Pro Unlocked, No Ads)


Add Date, time, Map, Latitude, Longitude, Weather, Magnetic field, Compass, and my altitude to Your Camera Photos.
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GPS Map Camera
Mar 13, 2023
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GPS Map Camera MOD APK is a tool app used to add geo tagging data like location, address, map view etc. to photos. Travelers can document their trips using the GPS feature of their device. Its accuracy and customizable features make it a great tool for travel enthusiasts.

One of the biggest joys while traveling is sharing your experiences with friends. With the help of this app, you can share a beautiful glimpse of your travels by adding timestamp, location, resolution and map to your photos. GPS Map Camera is useful not only for travelers but also for businessmen and people providing professional services. You can also set the accuracy of the data it provides by tinkering with the app’s settings.

Users can capture the memories of their important trips and moments in a single photo. By adding geographical meta data to the photos, your closest people will know the places where you are enjoying life. Apart from this, as a merchant, you can easily share the location, map, photos, etc. of the shop to your customers.

GPS Map Camera Pro Mod Apk is a versatile app for travelers, businessmen and general public. Normal users can capture special moments of their life like birthday, wedding or any occasion. Travel enthusiasts can continue to share geographic data during their travels. Through location-based marketing, businesses can benefit themselves by increasing visibility and reach.

About GPS Map Camera MOD APK

GPS Map Camera Mod Apk offers pro unlocked, premium features with no ads. Users can add geotagging data to photos and share with friends. It is a versatile app to share your special experiences with others. Astrologer, archaeologist or any researcher can collect special information by applying this app in their research.

A normal person can selectively capture the special moments of his life. Travelers can share geographic data with people on the go. They can also enter the details of the places they have traveled the most in their entire life. Businesses can use GPS Map Camera application to promote their business through geo-marketing.

Students need to keep an eye on the information related to their studies. It’s easier than ever to track work progress, share results with colleagues, aggregate information in relevant locations, and more. Architects, travelers, historians, astronomers, and anyone can document important data for future use.

The ability to add geotagging data and timestamps to your photos can improve our daily lives in many ways. GPS Map Camera Pro APK offers many advanced features that allow you to share specific information about places.

Features of GPS Map Camera APK

Share Geotagged Photos With Friends

After geotagging photos, you can easily share them with your family and friends. You can share via email, WhatsApp or other social media apps after adding location, address, map, time details in your photos. Due to this, the special experiences of your life were not limited to you only, but reach people and inspire them.

Preview Location Data

What sets it apart from other apps is its ability to preview any location data before taking a photo. Actually with this you can be sure whether the data reaching others is accurate or not. You can also change them by checking the details added through geo tagging before clicking the photo.

Add Custom Watermarks to Photos

Water mark certifies the uniqueness of any media file. In this app also you can put watermark in geo tagged photos so that people can know its source. Apart from this, you can also customize the accuracy of the information entered, the orientation of the camera, select the camera flash mode, etc.

Built-in Compass to Understand Directions

Travelers often try to capture new territories they encounter during their travels. In such a situation, the inbuilt compass feature of GPS helps them to avoid getting confused and take photos in the right direction. The special thing is that it will work well even on remote areas.

  • Stable Connectivity in Remote Areas
  • Best GPS App For Outdoor Enthusiast
  • Backup And Sync Data
  • Multiple Languages
  • View Photos on A Map
  • Add Notes & Captions to Photos

Disadvantages of GPS Map Camera APK

  • Consumes Battery Faster
  • Require Good GPS Signals For Accuracy

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