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LivU Mod Apk: I was searching for the best alternative to the Tumile app. There were hundreds of them with good rating scores. That’s when I saw an app with a bright icon. It not only got good ratings, but its features were amazing as well. Do you want to know the name of the app? The social application I am talking about is LivU Mod Apk.

Do you like chatting with strangers and making them your friends? Many people in the world are going through loneliness. Loneliness is something that makes one hollow from inside. This is why developers have created the app. Are you wondering how this can help you overcome your friendlessness? You will get all the answers to your questions in this article.

But let me tell you that all the features are not free. You will have some certain services to use. If you want to access more, then it is important to spend money. But there are several ways of getting LivU Premium Apk for free. You can check out those methods from anywhere. You will get many helpful pieces of information today.

LivU Mod Apk Unlimited Coins

LivU is a social application to video chat with random people. In the beginning, the name of the app was LovU. But later developers changed it to the name at the present time. The glossy blue color of the icon will fascinate your eyes. It is a great way to find the perfect guy for you in the modern era. More than 3 million people meet their matches every day.

You will have a fun experience with strangers in LivU Apk. You don’t know who is going to be your upcoming chat member. Therefore, your curiosity remains the same every time you use it. Keep swiping your finger to find someone you like. Use this app to reduce the distance between you and others. Take away your loneliness and fill your life with new enthusiasm.

In this modern era, everyone is inside their home to be safe. No one can go out to meet people in public. But this situation cannot stop you from making friends. Because there is a group of social apps to connect with people. You can have a video call or text chat to talk to others. All you need is a data connection and a smartphone. Then you will be ready to start searching for the right person for you.

Apart from this, you can try Hello Yo to talk to beautiful girls. Join thousands of online rooms available inside. We will keep uploading such amazing apps on Apkmodpro for you. I have shared some details like features, tutorials, questions, and so on. I hope this will help you to understand LivU Premium Apk 2020.

LivU Mod Apk Premium Download Latest 2020

Download LivU Mod Apk Latest Version

Are you looking for a girl or boy to become your best friend? Not only you but many people are doing the same. This is why you should start using LivU for free. I have seen many people feel lonely because they have no friends. It is better to find someone using the app than to be alone. If you have a good personality, then why are you worrying? Everyone likes talking to humble persons like you.

You can talk to someone a few minutes by spending 120 coins. This is why people want to have unlimited coins for a limitless chat. You will get a certain amount of money in the free version. You will have to earn them by playing games or receiving rewards. But the latest version of LivU Mod Apk includes several features. Video chat with anyone without worrying about spending money.

Apk NameLivU: Meet new people
DeveloperLIVU Team
Requirements5.0 and above
Last Update14 August 2021
Get onGoogle Play

The concepts of such applications are unique. But things that people do not like are the charges. It charges a lot for the premium version and calls. However, the services are fascinating in all respects.

Key Features

Cool Filters: Filters are the best way to make yourself look more pretty. You may have added it to your photos before. But do you know that you can use it during a live video call as well? LivU Mod Apk gives you different kinds of filters for free.

Fun Stickers: Do you like sending emoji, stickers, and gifs for a funny conversation? These are not just digital images for us. All of them are the best way to express your feelings. However, there are some people who do not like to use them. The usage of these things depends on you.

Simple Navigation: You can navigate to the various options without further issues. The clean UI will help you to do any work in a short period. It not only looks good but saves your time as well. The beautiful interface catches its users’ eyes.

Random People: One thing that I like about such apps is the surprise meeting. You do not know who will be your next chat companion. It makes the conversation more interesting. Because there are a lot of things to know about the random person. You can ask about their experiences, favorite items, hobbies, and more.

LivU Premium Apk Features

Easy Signup: It is easy to create an account in the LivU app. There are three separate ways to sign up. You can use your Google or Facebook account to join. If you do not want to use them, then go for your number. You will receive a message including an OTP. This code is helpful to verify your phone number.

No Ads: Advertisements put a full stop to your experience. Whenever we start using our favorite app, ads appear. Nobody likes them as they are very irritating. But LivU Premium Mod Apk provides you with an experience free of interruption.

Worldwide Matches: You will see faces from almost every country. It helps to connect people from different places together. You can learn more about their culture. You will not have only local but also international friends. Is not it amazing to talk to foreigners? Many people are using this to learn other languages as well.

Trustworthy: Are the people or accounts in LivU trustworthy? Yes, the app takes care of user safety. If admins find intolerable activity by an account, they will ban it. Therefore, you should not worry about good or bad people.


How to Use LivU Premium Mod Apk

Like every time, I am going to share a small guide with you. However, you get text indications of usage within the app. Its features are quite similar to the Tumile app as both work the same. But before proceeding, download LivU Apk on your phone. It is a well-known application and is available on every app store. Once installed, you can read further instructions.

The next step is to create an account to become a member. There are three different ways to sign up on average. These methods are Google, Facebook, and your phone number. If you choose the 3rd option, it will send an OTP on your phone. This process is compulsory to verify your identity. The rest of the ways just need some clicks.

The next action is the most important part because it leaves an impact on all. I’m talking about setting your profile. Whenever you want people to be your friend, they do one thing. They take a look at your profile to get more information about you. If people find your account genuine, they will be happy to be your friend.

Your profile has details like name, date of birth, and gender. The date of birth is necessary to find people of the same age. Once you select a gender, you cannot change it later. If you use Facebook or Google to sign up, you will get some benefits. For example, LivU will set the name you use in those accounts.

More Details For You to Understand

On further proceeding, LivU will ask you to allow some common permissions. These are important to provide you an unforgettable experience. You can either allow or deny any of them you do not want. I have listed the basic permissions this app asks for. Enabling any of them depends on your requirements.

  • Accessing device storage
  • Recording videos and audio
  • Clicking photos
  • See your location

Then a text guide appears to make users aware of its features. On the first time sign up, you will get a pack of coins as a reward. But why coins and not other items? Because you will need them to start a video chat with a specific gender. If you let LivU Premium Mod Apk choose the gender, then it will not cost you coins. This is why people are looking for the crack version.


Which application is best for video chatting?

There are several video chatting apps to overcome your loneliness. Tumile, Hello Yo, and MeetU are a part of this category. You can take a look at Livu Premium Mod Apk as well. This article includes everything about this mind-blowing item.

Is LivU Premium Apk safe to use?

You should not worry too much about your safety. Your privacy is the most important priority for them. They try every single way to keep your account safe. Therefore, you can enjoy talking to random matches without burden.

How to get unlimited coins in LivU App?

The original version will give you some coins as a reward. But this is not enough to make more friends. Therefore, people are in search of the mod version. It includes fascinating premium features for free.

Last Words

I hope you liked reading today’s article on LivU Mod Apk 2020. Apkmodpro has tried its best to explain all the features. I know it costs a lot, but the services are amazing as well. It serves you with high-quality audio and video. You can have interruption-free conversations even in a poor connection.

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