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Play the popular Minecraft game in a lighter edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition takes the creative playground and pixelated aesthetics of the popular toolbox game and shrinks it down to suit the needs of mobile players. And while Pocket Edition can’t quite hold its own with the console or PC versions in terms of the size of its setting and the scope of options available to players, it’s still a well made sandbox game that can get the job done for gamers on the go.

The core fundamentals of the Minecraft experience are all in place here. You wander through an open world made up of charmingly pixelated blocks, mining for materials and then using them to construct whatever your heart desires. It’s like a virtual LEGO set that promises endless potential, but the natural limitations of mobile devices means that Pocket Edition isn’t quite able to build on its bold promises. The most obvious downgrade comes in the size of the world, which is notably smaller than the practically unlimited setting that is available in other versions of the game, but there’s also significantly less creatures in the world. The results are a game that limit your potential for building and also decrease the challenge and variety for players who like to focus on the survival aspects of the game more than the sandbox building.

That latter problem has a big effect on the Survival mode. Survival offers a more structured vehicle for exploring the world of Minecraft. While there’s little in the way of narrative here, there are objectives, and building has a more distinct purpose. Monsters come out in droves at night, and it’s up to you to outfit yourself with weapons and build up defenses that can protect you against the roving hordes. Days is spent scavenging as much as you can in the window provided, and venturing further and further out as resources become scarce, while night is spent holding out desperately until dawn comes. While the fundamentals here are still strong in the mobile version, the lack of variety in terms of monsters means that this mode itself isn’t quite as engaging as it otherwise could be.

In terms of the actual building process, Minecraft PE can’t really hold a candle to the original version either. While the developers have done about as well as they could be expected with the mobile control options, it doesn’t quite get there. The simple fact is that placing items and navigating through menus is far more finicky with a finger than it is with a mouse and keyboard. That said, it’s hard to imagine how these limitations could be reasonably overcome given the medium. And while Pocket Edition isn’t quite as great as it is on other platforms, it still captures the core magic of the game.


  • Translates the core Minecraft experience to mobile devices to an impressive degree
  • Offers creative options that could keep imaginative players entertained for years


  • Controls can’t match the organic feel of the PC and console experiences
  • World is smaller and menagerie of monsters is less diverse

Screenshots of Minecraft – Pocket Edition APK

Screenshot di Minecraft - Pocket Edition APK
Screenshot di Minecraft - Pocket Edition APK
Screenshot di Minecraft - Pocket Edition APK


Minecraft is a legendary construction simulator developed by the Swedish studio Mojang. The project was an unprecedented success, captivating users from different countries. The company has sold nearly 100 million copies to date. Subsequently, many developers tried to use the idea implemented by the Swedes. But all analogs were inferior to the original.

The game Minecraft for Android is made in the Sandbox genre or “sandbox”. It lacks the classic story levels, which gives the participants almost complete freedom of action. It takes users into a kind of world consisting of cubic fragments. Wooden, stone, concrete, water, sand, grass and other blocks are a unique building material. A gamer can create his own game world from them. We need to build houses, castles, roads, bridges, set up parks, plant forests. Gradually, a huge city will grow on the map, where different creatures will live. Each block has unique properties that must be used. If desired, the participant can change the features of the material.

The Minecraft project has two modes: Creative or Creative and Survival or Survival. Both options involve construction. The gamer creates a unique world, assembles buildings, infrastructure and various natural objects from blocks. This will require imagination, design and construction skills, thinking outside the box. The Creative mode in Minecraft is more suitable for beginners. There, the participants are given complete freedom. You can create beautiful and original locations and study them. Survival mode includes additional missions. Having solved the main task, you need to master the new world and learn how to survive there. The user will have to look for weapons and armor, get food and resources, build shelters. Creepy monsters come to the surface at night. To survive, the gamer must fight with nightmarish creatures.

After downloading and installing the Minecraft game, you need to go into the settings and select a ready-made map or start creating a new world from scratch. Built-in multiplayer allows you to cooperate with other participants. Events will be displayed in the first person or from the side. This is also set in the settings. The project has simple management and user-friendly interface. Legendary Minecraft will appeal to children and adults and will help to spend time interesting and usefully.

Features of the game Minecraft

  • Unique graphics that have become the “calling card” of the project.
  • A huge open world that the participant creates himself.
  • Changing the properties of any building elements.
  • The ability to use additional mods.
  • Good co-op multiplayer.

what is minecraft

Mine your creativity

Minecraft is a sandbox video game that blew apart the gaming world. Sandbox games revolve around harnessing the player’s creativity towards achieving an in-built goal. This game does not merely stimulate, distract, or entertain. Minecraft is a mine of adventure and infinite creations built with the simplest of building blocks.

In gaming terms, Minecraft is as old as the hills. Most video games a decade old are gathering dust on shelves, but Minecraft is as popular as ever. This all-time classic video game gives you tools to build anything from a simple home to an entire world. Minecraft appeals to the thinker and the fighter with multiple modes.

Simple blocks for complex creations

Minecraft is a survival game in which you have to use various tools provided in order to survive in the given environment. Your survival does not only depend on the environment around you, but players must prepare for the predators in the game.

Adventurers can choose the creative mode and explore infinite worlds with unlimited creative resources. Survivor mode is for the warrior inside: forge weapons, armor, and fight off your enemies.

Minecraft was first released for the PC platform. It hit the gaming community like a meteorite. The PC version is still played and loved by many people, with many users choosing to livestream their games. Minecraft gameplays are streamed on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and others. Interacting in communicative gameplay, the megacommunities of Minecraft are testament to the legacy and love of the game.

The latest version of Minecraft lets you play on mobile devices or Windows 10 and 11. You can choose the multiplayer version and play with up to ten friends anytime, anywhere. Up to four players can merge for a Minecraft mashup through an online Xbox Account.

Where can you run this program?

This software is only compatible with Windows (all 32-bit and 64-bit versions). A similar tool is also available for Android users, although it would be wise to treat this as a completely different program. Such different operating systems would require the software itself to be written and designed differently.

The tech savvy could also tweak their game with add-ons and mobilize the data-driven behaviors to create a highly customized experience.

The gameplay of Minecraft mirrors many survival games in the gaming industry. This program is unique, however, in the multiperspective modes it offers: first-person and third-person perspective.

When you join the game, you’ll be spawned on a random place and a strange island. The map in Minecraft is infinitely expanding, and with updates, its terrains go through dramatic changes. In the recent update called Caves and Cliffs, the game increases the overall height of the game world. With this, the caves will be a lot more open and easier to explore. However, these changes are more visible in the areas players have not yet visited. This means your current map will not be affected.

You can play Minecraft throughout your life, building your own home and gathering tools, supplies, and other resources for future endeavors. You can also try your hand at farming and growing different types of crops or raising animals like sheep, cows, pigs, and chickens. Minecraft has elements of agricultural, architectural, and also adventurous. Players looking for dangers and thrills will love Nether—an underworld of fire, danger, and death.

There is another dimension called the Overworld. Overworld is used by the players in the very last mission when the players kill the Ender Dragon, which is the main boss, to end the game. Players play against The Wither Boss, one of the Mafioso rulers in the Nether.

The Minecraft of infinite projects for the visually creative

You can build literally anything in Minecraft simply using the available materials. This is the main reason why Minecraft never ends. You can use resources like wood, stone, sand, wool and others. There is also a crafting feature that lets you craft items, such as beds, suits of armor, swords, trident, arrows, furnaces, food, and more.

There are many resources available in the games as well. Many of the supplies and tools replicate real-life items which can be used for crafting and constructing various things in the game for future survival. Players are virtually transported to the survival means of early man until the present day. They must rely on materials like iron, wood, stone, sand, wool, goods, diamond, emeralds, bamboo, potato, wheat, and more for their resources. In the latest update, players can mine over 90 additional material blocks, including the copper block. Interestingly, this block noticeably ages as you spend more time in the game.

Mobs of Minecraft

Like mentioned before, Minecraft is not always for the faint-hearted. Players can turn up the volume of danger and violence within their game. You have active and passive mobs in the game. Some of the Minecraft mobs are inspired by real-life.

Active mobs are essentially your enemies. These features add complexity and intrigue to the gameplay. Here are some of the Mobs in Minecraft:

  • Zombies: There are lots of zombies in Minecraft. Zombies are of various types as well, like normal zombies, drowned zombies found in water, creepers (living dynamites). There are even zombie villagers, too.
  • Blaze and Fireballs found in the Nether.
  • Ghost is also found in the Nether and fireballs. It keeps floating in the air.
  • Pillagers are basically enemies of Villagers. They attack the player using magic and different tools.
  • Enderman moves at the speed of light and can kill within seconds.
  • Skeletons use bows and arrows to attack the players.

Magical and fantastical Minecraft

Minecraft also involves the use of magic. You can also use magic to enchant your armor and weapons. Magic is also used by the evil Pillagers who use it to harm you.

You can use magic to gain different powers like underwater breathing, resistance to fire, mending, unbreaking, and night vision.

The game that stretches as far as your imagination

Minecraft may not have cutting-edge graphics, but that is intentional. These graphics are perfectly suitable for good gameplay. The pixelated effect comes from the foundation of Minecraft: many small squares.

Minecraft is essentially a world of squares – the perfect building blocks for your future empire. It may not have the epic battles or graphics of Fortnite, or the adrenaline rush of Grand Theft Auto V .

Nonetheless, the ultimate survival game Minecraft has as many possibilities as the mind can offer. The game will only get old when the player runs out of ideas. For any gamer, it is a must-play.


  • Infinite possibilities
  • Multiplayer
  • Online communities
  • Exhilarating survival mode


  • Graphics could be improved
  • Limited availability for Mac users

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