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Jun 19, 2022
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Mlive is a live streaming app that lets you connect with fans all around the globe and interact with them. You can grow your fanbase there and interact with them. It has been rising its popularity among Android users rapidly.

WinNine Pacific Pty Ltd develops this app, and you can download it from Play Store exclusively. The app is 80 MB in size, with version being the latest. Mlive supports all android devices which have android 4.4 & above.

With the introduction of apps like TikTok, Instagram Reels, Bigo, and other live streaming apps, people have lots of choices to choose from. But all these apps are limited to a certain point. These apps are excellent as well but give you limited options.

Mlive, on the other hand, lets you be in charge of your content. You can go live, interact with fans, talk to them, and make your base. There are thousands of viewers waiting for you as soon as you open the app.

In today’s world, where the Internet is a necessity rather than a luxury, Mlive is the perfect way to showcase your talent to the world. Mlive is free to download and does not even includes any kind of in-app advertisements.

MLive MOD Apk

Mlive MOD Apk is the modded or fragmented version of the Mlive app. The Mlive Mod Apk allows you to unlock some features that are locked in the original app, as those features require in-app purchases to become accessible.

Mlive Apk also provides you with the kid’s features. As you know, all the live streaming platforms have some kind of explicit content that is not safe for kids to watch. But with the growing popularity, you can’t keep these apps away from kids.

Mlive gives you an option to access the kid’s feature, and it will filter all the videos and streams that are safe for your kids to access. You also have the option to share your videos and photos after editing them and showing your creativity.

Even though it might seem that downloading Mlive MOD Apk is a great decision, you should not download it. As downloading a MOD Apk comes under piracy law in India, you can be punished severely. We do not promote or support any kind of modded app version.

You can download the Mlive MOD apk from Google as MOD Apk are not available on the Play Store. The MOD Apk is developed by the original creators but by someone else.

Features Of MLive

Multiple Video Editing Settings

As we stated earlier, Mlive gives the option to share your pictures and videos with multiple editing settings where you can let your creativity fly. Mlive gives you so many editing options that it will become hard to keep count after some time.

You can add hundreds of effects to your video and even use different sounds and music to make your video look excellent. The better your edit will be, the audience you will capture, and the more growth you will see on this app.

Free To Use

The best thing about Mlive is that it is free to download and use. You can access almost every feature, and you don’t have to pay a single penny for it. You can come to live, edit your photos and videos and interact with others for absolutely free.

There are certain features that can only be accessed after some kind of payment, but these features are very limited and won’t affect your overall experience of the app. You can do most things in the app for absolutely free.

No Ads

Another fantastic thing about Mlive is that there are no ads in the app. And you don’t even have to pay for that feature. You have seen various platform apps where you have to watch so many ads to unlock new features or for nothing as well.

Mlive does not let you suffer the same feat and lets you access the app without any ads. Without the ads, everything becomes much better, and your overall app experience will also increase.

Showcase Your Talent

If you have talent, you don’t have to go anywhere now to find a place where you can showcase your talent. You can showcase your talent directly on the Mlive app with just a mobile phone. You can share your dance or singing or any other kind of video.

You can even come live and perform there. There are so many forums and groups in the Mlive app that caters to every kind of artist. You will find hundreds of people that will listen to or watch your content, and you can grow your community from there.


Mlive provides you with more opportunities than just sharing your content. You can interact with the other users, take feedback regarding your content, and improve yourself. It will help you improve and grow on the platform.

Not only live interaction, but you can also make groups with other creators or normal users and chat with them there only. You can share tips, different fun videos, and ideas. It will once again help you grow and become more famous altogether.

Live Feature

Live Feature of Mlive is the USP of this app. It separates Mlive from other similar apps. Where other apps also provide you with the live feature, Mlive does it for free. You don’t have to pay a single cent to come live on the platform.

And there is no time limit as well. So, you can stay “live” for as long as you want and interact with other creators and users.

Daily Events

Daily events in Mlive will give you bonus points and make your profile look even more authentic and professional. These daily events will give you badges and other items that will make you level up in the app and unlock new features.

With these new items, you can customize your avatar and profile pic. These daily events also give you bonus filters that you can use to edit your videos and stand out from others. And the more you stand out, the more you will become famous on the app.