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Explore the unidentified world with Obey Me, the best Role Playing Game.
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Jun 22, 2022
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Obey Me is an RPG dating simulator game, especially for women. The app features lots of different male characters that are handsome, charismatic, cool, and dynamic. Users can choose from different male characters and enter their own dating world.

The best thing about Obey Me is that it uses anime graphic elements to enhance players’ experience and give them a more vivid and enriched vibe. The anime-like graphic makes Obey Me stand out from other generic RPG dating simulators.

Another amazing thing about this game is the plot element of the game. The captivating story of the game keeps the players invested in the game. It also gives them new scenarios to explore constantly. The chances of discovering new things in the game on regular basis.

You can select from various characters who will be the main character in the game. You will be a transfer student at a school called RAD. But the unique thing about this school is that RAD is not a school for humans.

You will be the only human in this school and the attention will on you only. You have to establish a relationship with the seven demons to keep you safe. And it is necessary to maintain a relationship with them as it will help you advance in levels.

About Obey Me MOD Apk

Obey Me MOD APK lets you explore this unidentified world without any problems and restrictions. The game might be free to download, but there are in-game purchases that will help you advance in the game and level up quicker.

With Obey Me, you can put that worry aside and lets the user advance in the game without any in-game purchases. And not only that, Obey Me MOD Apk lets you choose from various modes and makes the gameplay easy if you desire.

You can access the VIP section of the game (Not all) and can even freeze or completely deprive your enemy of any kinds of skills. There are three MODs for Obey Me and you can select from them as you feel desired.

Obey Me MOD Apk has a different menu compared to the original version and gives you more outlets of selection. You can even earn high DMG for skills that will help you level up faster and advance in the game.

Download Obey Me MOD APK (Unlimited Points/Money)

The MOD Apk gets updated frequently just like the original version and the bugs are fixed constantly. It ensures you have an amazing gaming experience. With the latest update, it has also added the Korean language (partially) just like the normal version.

TypeRPG Game
Released on11 Dec 2019
Updated onJun 22, 2022

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Obey Me Features

Unique Story

The best feature of Obey Me that makes it stand out from other RPG games is the unique storyline that this game possesses. The game combines the elements of fantasy, school, and modern RPG, and all of these factors make it a very intriguing game.

Obey Me Mod Apk Unique Story
Image via: Obey Me

All the things are interwoven together, so every decision that you will make will affect the outcome of the game massively. So, it can get hard sometimes to make a decision.

And as we stated, everything is interwoven together and with the main emphasis on love, unexpected things can happen anytime. So, you need to choose smartly between the options that you get as it will affect your future options.


If you think that the only feature that Obey Me possesses is the main storyline then you are wrong. Obey Me gives the players many mini-games to keep them invested in the game. All the mini-games are interesting and help you earn great rewards.

The variety of mini-games also gives you the opportunity to use the rewards more effectively and will help you win the hearts of characters. And the friendly concept in the mini-games makes them more interesting and fresh for the users.

Play Mini Games in Obey Me
Image via: Obey me

Interactive Gameplay

Obey Me is an interactive RPG that allows you to make your own choices and face consequences according to them. You can earn rewards and make your own harem or can fail miserably according to your own choices.

You can choose from battling the demon brothers and defeating them or you can carve your own romantic path and interact with various new characters and make your own love story. All the choices will be rewarded accordingly.

Best Interactive Gameplay
Image via: Obey Me

Variety Of Characters

Obey Me possesses many unique characters that will change the course of the plot significantly. Each character will have their own new secrets or discoveries that you have to choose from and get rewarded according to that.

And every character in Obey me has been built after careful consideration as all of them have strong personalities, connections, and deep emotions. It makes every conversation with them feel more lively rather than generic.

Obey Me Mod Apk Characters
Image via: Obey Me

And the best thing is that depending on the direction that you will take, the treatment and interaction with these characters will also change. Making the game unpredictable and interesting throughout.

Push Notification

Another unique thing about Obey Me is that the game possesses a push notification feature that you can turn on from in-game settings. Meaning you will be notified of any update or any new characters being introduced in the game.

It helps the users remain in touch with the latest updates in the game. You will get calls and text messages from different characters even in the game as well. It makes the gameplay feel more real rather than just a generic RPG.

Obey Me MOD APK Unlimited Points Money
Image via: Obey Me

Card Battles

As you are the only human in the game you have to protect yourself from various demons that are after your soul. You can defeat all of those demons in card battles. With unique powers and styles and with the help of different characters.

The more battles you will win, the more XP you will get. And you can use these XPs to upgrade your cards and unlock new characters. It will increase your battle power and will make the game more interesting.

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