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Photofunia Mod Apk: In this digital world, every person collects their memory as photographs. But, when you just click and keep them, they look boring. We can do many things to make them look interesting. You can add various photo frames or backgrounds to them using any third-party application like Photofunia Mod Apk.

Do you also want to know about this awesome app and its features? With the help of this app, you can add your pic to various frames. Photofunia Apk will allow you to add a different background to your picture. You can convert your boring picture to an extremely amazing photograph. It’s free to use the app so you don’t need to pay any charge to operate it.

Along with this, you get all the frames for free without wasting a single moment. Moreover, you will be glad to get the ad-free version of this app from our site. We have done this so that annoying ads don’t disturb you while your work. Forget about annoying commercials and invest your time in improving your skills.

Photofunia Mod Apk

It is really easy to use for a beginner. If you don’t know any single thing about photo enhancing, still you can operate Photofunia without any headache. Its straight forward interface helps you a lot to understand its working procedure.

There are lots of results from your photos you will enjoy. Add any impact you like to make your selfies more lovable. For this, you will have to select any photo from your gallery. Then, select any filter or frame to make changes in your photograph.

You get lots of choices in Photofunia Mod Apk. Choose from many frames and backgrounds. See which frame suits your pic and you are all done. To apply the changes, click on the apply button. The changes will take place as you complete the following steps.

Enhancing photos has become simple with Photofunia no ads. It doesn’t take even more than a minute to edit your photos. By following such simple steps you will be able to modify your photo. Apart from this application, you can also use the Remini Mod Apk.


Download Photofunia Mod Apk No Ads

Also, use this application for making a collage out of the best pics available on your phone. Add some extra spark to your photo using Photofunia Mod Apk. Download the app from the given link and it will be completely free to use all of its features.

Do you want to see your photo above a magazine or a banner? How will you feel if your photo has become a showpiece in a museum? Want to look like an astronaut? Would you like to look like Santa or wear a witch’s hat? Explore many more unique features in Photofunia.

Apk NamePhotoFunia
DeveloperCapsule Digital
Requirements2.3 and up
Updated on13 July 2020

Make a background of your choice for your photo. Add graffiti and textual contents to make your background look cool. Use various filters in your photo. Like Black & White images? Use filters to render your image in black & white.

You will get many templates in the library. You can use them to edit your photo. These templates increase every week so that you can discover many new things. Just choose your favorite template, add your photograph and you are ready. Once you have completed, you can share your new pic on social media or with your friends.

Use Photofunia Mod Apk whenever you need to edit or make your photo more interesting. Download from the given link to avail of all the features for free.

Key Features Of PhotoFunia Mod Apk

100% Free: It is an absolutely free app to download and use but you don’t get access to all features. If you download from the link in this post, you get the modded version of this app. So, you can access all features.

No Ads: Ads are really annoying. It can really annoy you during work. But, don’t need to worry about that. Ads are for others not for you. Just enjoy enhancing your photographs in an ad-free environment.

Add Custom Background: Create your background for your photo. Having a custom background has now become easier with Photofunia Mod Apk. Add graffiti to the wall, ad shadows, or different elements in the background and make your pic look cool.

Various Effects & Filters: There are lots of effects that you can use to make your pic look professional. Download the PhotoFunia app and explore many exciting effects and filters for your photograph.


Description Of Effects & Filters

At the Gallery: Taking a breathtaking photograph is a dream of many photographers so that their photographs can be displayed in an art gallery. Unique pictures are displayed in art galleries around the world. With this filter, you can add your pic on the gallery wall to show it to the world. Also, share it with your friends.

Smoke flare: This effect is perfect for your pic if you love magical illustration. Smoke flare is the most popular way to disguise something. Select any color from the range of different colors. Use this effect and see how it looks to have colorful flares on your hand.

Halloween Pumpkins: Do you love Halloween? Show it by using this effect on your photo. Give your photo a Halloween makeover with pumpkins, candles, and a spooky atmosphere. Give this effect a chance to fright your friends.

Rijksmuseum: It is one of the most famous museums with artworks of famous artists. Now you can put your art (Photo) on display on the wall of this museum using this effect on PhotoFunia. Try it and suggest your friends try it too.

Broadway at Night: Broadway theater, New York has brought many hit musicals and also dramas to its visitors. It will be a prestigious moment to have your photo on the billboard of this building. You can choose any two photos to be displayed separately on the billboard.

Important Things to Know About PhotoFunia

Frame placed in a park looks so great. Now you can have that scenery in your photo too. You must have seen artists creating their artwork on a canvas sitting at a park. After implying this impact, your pic will seem like it has been created by an artist.

Ever desired to get published in a newspaper? It is excellent when someone gets their photo printed in a newspaper. The entire city gets to know about them. You can have the same feel by using this impact in Photofunia App. Choose one picture and convert it to a headline of news. Try it and impress your friends.

Want to have your pic painted on a paper? Yes, you are reading it correctly. I’m talking about having a painting of yourself. Using this effect lets you use your photo on a painting canvas so that it looks like that’s a painting of you. Choose one or more than one photo to get your portrait ready.

Suppose you are having a walk at Times Square in New York. Then you suddenly see yourself on a big billboard that is hanged on a very tall building. Wouldn’t it look amazing? You can have this effect on your photo. Even, you can use three photos at a time and it will really look amazing. Use this effect and amaze your friends.

In the Christian Calendar, Easter is really an important festival. Also, it is important to greet your favorite ones. How about having your photo on Easter greetings that you will send to your relatives and friends. Yes, you can do this using PhotoFunia Mod Apk. This Easter, wish your friends and family differently.


What exactly PhotoFunia is?

It is an online app that lets you convert your boring images into an interesting picture by following just a few simple steps. Instantly add frames to your photos or create collages with a few taps on your screen.

Is it difficult to use PhotoFunia?

Absolutely not, It’s not difficult to use this app. You can just download it and operate it with very ease. Just a few taps on your mobile screen and you are done. Editing photos was never been easy before this app.

Where are our photos uploaded when we upload them?

When you upload your photos in this app for the purpose of editing, it gets uploaded on the servers of PhotoFunia. Your data is totally safe on these servers.

What should we do if we have an idea of effect?

If you have a new idea of effect in your mind then don’t forget to visit their contact us page and share your idea. Sharing your idea will help them to make your idea available for others too.

Last Words

It is a great app but includes some limitations. Download the Photofunia Mod Apk from the given link in the post and discover many things as much as you can. Visit for more apk and games like this.

I hope you liked reading this post. If yes, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Also, keep motivating us with your valuable comments. It means a lot to us, Thank you.

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