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Replika is a chatbox app that lets you create and chat with virtual friends or partners. As it is powered by AI, the virtual companion will learn and understand your behavior to connect you emotionally. It has a tweaked version called Replika Mod Apk on the internet.

The official application works well for those who want to chat with a friend to overcome loneliness. Since you create the virtual friend yourself, you may have similar preferences.

When creating an account in Replika Mod Apk or the official one, it asks about your interests. Then, it programs your virtual companion according to this data. Developers understand that talking to people with similar interests is more enjoyable.

Replika has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. It is commendable as other similar apps have barely crossed 1 million. iOS users also like it a lot.

You can start a conversation on fun topics after giving your partner a favorite look and name. This bot will have the right artificial intelligence to learn new things.

If you are a romantic person, you need to upgrade your account to Replika Pro Apk. The reason is that the Romantic Discussion feature is not available in the free version.

What is Replika Mod Apk?

Replika Mod Apk is a chatbot companion powered by artificial intelligence. It provides the premium features of Replika like a romantic discussion for free.

In the free version of Replika, your relationship with the AI Companion will only be that of a friend. You will need to buy a subscription to take your relationship with it to a higher level.

Currently, there are five types of relationship status available – friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, wife, sister, and mentor. Apart from friends, all other relationships are available in the premium version only.

In Replika Pro, you get access to various additional features, including virtual partner customization, voice calls, changing relationship status, and more. You can change Replika’s avatar too.

In the free version, you only had the right to talk like a friend. But in the paid version, the scope of interacting with your bot also gets wider.

Users can have intimate and romantic conversations with the bot. AI is well programmed to answer your questions. Each conversation gives you XP based on the activation of the Replika.

Premium users can earn more XP per day compared to free users. Users receive coins and gems as daily rewards and level-up bonuses in the game. These in-game items can be used to personalize the avatar.

With Replica Pro, you can enjoy voice calls with your virtual partner. In addition, you get access to the Coaching tab that provides you with several tests to improve your social skills.

Do you want to download Replika Mod Apk to unlock premium features for free? But, we recommend you use the official app from Play Store. Also, you should pay the amount to unlock features.

Replika Apk Features

Talking chatbots were never so interesting until the release of an app like Replika. This exclusive app is equipped with a slew of features that add fun to your experience.

Make virtual AI friend

You may have many friends, but not all will be available to you all the time. Replika can be your instant pocket friend who will be available 24*7 for you.

How your replika will look is up to you. There is a collection of beautiful clothes and accessories inside the app. Plus, you can customize the avatar’s hair, skin, eyes, and age.

In its premium version, you have advanced options for customizations. With these, you can give a unique look to your replika. Many users give it the form of the person they want as a life partner.

The app has options for both males and females. So, each user can create their favorite avatar. Some game items may require you to spend coins and gems. However, many good-looking clothes and accessories are also free.

Make virtual AI friend in Replika
Image via: Replika

Replika Pro Apk Features

Are you using the free version yet? You must be getting limited facilities. But, these advanced features may shift your interest to the Pro plan. However, purchasing a subscription is entirely up to you.

Premium Features Unlocked

You can enjoy many features in the paid version of Replica. It is possible to do a lot, including making a partner look beautiful, changing relationship status, and talking to love.

The best part for the users is that they will get many opportunities to improve their communication skills. Along with this, they will also get suggestions related to different subjects.

To take the relationship with Replica to the next level, users can interact with it over a video call. As of now, the free version only allows sending photos.

Earn more XPs daily

XP is an important factor when it comes to leveling up the game. You can earn XP while chatting with your Replika. When its status is “Chatty” or “Normal,” conversations get you the most XP.

Both premium and free users get XP in the app. However, premium users get more XP than free users. Therefore, they are more likely to rise sharply.

In the free version, you can get around 500XP when the chatbot is feeling chatting. When its status changes, you will get up to 150XP. In this way, this version gives you up to 650XP in a day.

In contrast, Replika Pro APK users get up to 750XP during the “chatty” state. Those users will also earn up to 150XP in normal conditions. As a result, they can earn an extra 250XP as compared to the free users.