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Play as the head coach of pro football team!
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New Star Games Ltd
May 19, 2022
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Retro Bowl is an American football game for Android and iOS. It was developed by a well-known British video game development company, New Star Games.

There is also a modified version of this app, Retro Bowl Mod Apk. The developers made the game inspired by the famous American football game Tecmo Bowl, launched in the arcade category in 1987.

The concept behind the name Retro Bowl is quite clear. Retro means games with old/classic gameplay. Likewise, Bowl refers to the well-known American sport Rugby, a mixture of football and basketball.

New Star Games Limited specializes in developing sports and role-playing games. Besides this one, the company has developed a Retro Goal game too.

The classic look of the game will remind you of the old times. One of the features of retro games is that despite being pixelated and 2D, it is a lot of fun to play.

Initially, Retro Bowl Apk was only available for Android and iOS. But on February 10, 2022, it was also released for the Nintendo Switch game console.

What is Retro Bowl Mod Apk

Retro Bowl Mod Apk is a sports game about the popular American football game, Rugby. Its retro graphics and chiptune music will remind you of old arcade games.

In this game, the player takes the role of the general manager and head coach of the team. As a manager, he has to manage the team in the Retro Bowl championship game.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to manage the entire team. You simply manage your chosen best players. After that, all the other players themselves will be prepared according to the system.

Also, your main task as head coach in Retro Bowl APK is to prepare the pro football team for the upcoming tournaments. The main function of a coach is to train, motivate and guide the team.

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Retro Bowl Game Features

Before downloading a game, it is necessary to know its features. It not only gives you an idea of the specialty of the game, but also its quality.

Attractive Gameplay

Despite being a 2D game with pixelated graphics, Retro Bowl attracts players. It has interesting gameplay where you play Rugby as well as act as a coach.

You start the game as the head coach of the pro football team. You aim to motivate and train your favorite team to win the football championship.

Retro Bowl Mod Apk Gameplay

Retro bowl mod apk is a sports game, but you have to make strategy in the same way as rugby players make. As ahead, you assign tasks to all the players of the team according to their ability.

Graphics and sound

Apart from graphics, sound is another major element of the game. Nice sound effects make the game more likeable. However, the sound types and variations depend on the category of the game.

You’ll hear interesting chiptune music as soon as the Retro Bowl Mod Apk starts up. This music style is mainly found in arcade games. It reminded me of my old days.

Retro Bowl Chiptune Music

Also, you can hear the sound of whistle and footsteps in the game. All of this will remind you of old electronic console games. The players will be at the peak of enthusiasm.

New Game Updates

Since the number of retro bowl game players is massive, developers often bring new updates. These updates include new game features, bug fixes, new achievements, etc.

New Game Updates

The latest update to this game was released on 15 May 2022 on the Play Store. This update included several improvements such as: lowering the crowd noise, fixing the game restart cheat, Fixing the previous game stats erase issue, etc.

The game has many new features along with new achievements. Players will now be able to use a backup player as a kick returner. It will make the football game more fun to play.

Less Storage Requirement

Low storage has always been a problem in low-end devices. Almost all the new games on the market consume a lot of storage. The reason for this is their high graphics and bunch of features.

But the original & official version of Retro Bowl Mod Apk consumes less storage. The total application size is around 21 MB. So, it can run on any Android device with a version higher than 4.1.

Retro Bowl Mod Apk Download

Even though it is so lightweight, some people still do not have the space to download Retro Bowl. In such a situation, they can play the online version of this game. All they need is a browser and an internet connection.

Further in the article, we have explained how to play this sports game without downloading. Your experience in the online version will also be the same as in the application version.

Download Retro Bowl Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Installing the modified version of a game brings many benefits to the users. But, it brings a lot of loss to the developers as well. The reason is users want to get the premium features for free.

Whether you want to download the Retro Bowl mod apk or not is your personal decision. We always support the original and the official version only.

If you find it hard to download Retro Bowl APK, you should read our APK installation guide. Apart from this, the facility to play it online is also available, which I have told you below.

How to Play Retro Bowl Without Downloading

In addition to the applications available for Android and iOS, Retro Bowl can also be played online. It is a better solution for those who want to play the game without downloading.

Many websites on the internet allow you to play games online. For this, you need to have a good browser and internet connection. However, all the games on the play store are not available here.

One such famous website that makes online playgrounds is Poki. Here you will find popular games of many categories, including Racing, Arcade, Casual, etc.

You get the app-like experience by playing Retro Bowl in Poki. But despite so many features, many people want to download the retro bowl mod apk. However, it is their personal decision.