Status Saver Pro Apk Mod Latest No Ads [Premium Unlocked]

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Status Saver Pro Apk: How can I download the status my friend has added in his WhatsApp? This question must have come in your mind while watching your friend’s status, right? About everyone on the internet is looking for a way to do this. So here I am with the latest Status Saver Mod Apk no ads to download both videos and images.

WhatsApp is one of the most used social platforms of all time. You can chat with other people and send them various media files. People keep posting various photos and videos on their status. But it does not give you the feature to download them at all. Although, you can use Status Saver Pro Apk to download any of your friend’s status for free.

You do not have to ask people to send videos over and over. You can download their WhatsApp status without any problem. In the recent update, developers have made some changes to this app to make it faster. Besides, you can see many new features to explore inside the application.

Status Saver Pro Apk No Ads

We resort to status to express our mood or feelings many times. It is the best way to tell everything without saying a word to anyone. From time to time, our friends upload some videos that touch our hearts. You might have thought to put that file in your status as well. You will have to message everyone and ask them to send the video.

In such a situation, Status Saver Pro Apk will help you to load the media file on your device. Since I have installed it on my phone, I do not ask people to send me their status. I just open the app to download the video or image in seconds. Download and share multiple files at a time without facing issues.

The inherent media player will help you to see images and videos even without the internet. But downloading them will need an internet connection. If you want to set any picture as your profile photo or wallpaper, it will help you to do so. I use FocoVideo Premium to make slideshows to upload on social sites.

Apart from it, you do not need to save files on your storage. You can upload it on your status without downloading through Status Saver Mod Apk. Besides, share them with your friends and family via various sharing options.

Status Saver Pro Apk Mod Latest No Ads

Download Status Saver Pro Apk Unlocked

Do you know that you can send messages to a number without saving it? Chatting with a new number needs a long process to complete. You have to save the contact, search for the number, and so on. You can make this process short by using Status Saver Apk.

Just swipe your fingers from right to left two times to use the service. You will see an option to send messages to numbers without saving them. Enter country code, phone number, and your message in the boxes. Click on the button to start chatting with the person direct on your WhatsApp.

Apk NameStatus Saver
DeveloperLaZy GeNiOuZ InC.
Requirements5.0 and above
Last Update27 august 2021

It has a rating score of 4.4 stars by more than 567K people. But it deserves more than 5 stars because of its tremendous features. Not all features are free for everyone in this application. If you want to download videos from parallel space, WA Business, then upgrade to a premium version.

It costs around 150 Indian rupees for the Status Saver Premium APK. However, there are numerous sites like ours providing the same free of cost. Let me inform you that APK does not support piracy. We recommend you purchase the app from the Play Store.

Key Features

  • You can download the status of all the people present in your WhatsApp friend list. Just add the files to your status without saving them in your storage.
  • There are separate dashboards for images and videos for your convenience. One can search his file fast as this will not mix the two media files.
  • Set any picture as your profile photo by taking a few steps. Moreover, it will help you to change your phone wallpaper in a few seconds. Change contact photos of anyone just by giving some permissions.
  • If you are using another app, then you can only download status from WhatsApp. But if you use this one, you will get options for other social sites as well. I can not believe that it is providing so many features for free.

Status Saver Mod Apk Features

  • There are some extra cool features to have an overwhelming experience. But It will cost you some money to unlock them. If you are a WhatsApp Business user or want to remove ads, then go for it. You can get the premium version for free on Apkmodpro.
  • The process of downloading files on our site is quite simple. You do not have to work hard for this. Just click the download button to get your favorite material on the phone. The whole process will take only a few minutes.
  • Some people do not download files from any site because of privacy risk. If you are one of them, then you should not worry at all. This application is safe and does not contain malware or viruses.
  • The design of any app should be easy for its users. He should not have any problem in doing any work inside it. The Status Saver Pro Apk provides you with a user-friendly interface. This is important to complete your tasks in seconds. You will get everything in front of your eyes.
  • You do not need to save files one by one as it will waste your time. Select all the files to download or share them at a time. These features are helpful to save your valuable time. A few days ago I sent more than 10 files from the status to my friend.


How to Use Status Saver App on Android

I have not seen any easier app than this till today. Although the way it works is complex, it is quite easy to use. But I thought of writing a small guide for your convenience. You will not have any problems in the future. After reading this, you can download any status on your phone in minutes.

Download Status Saver Pro APK the latest version through the link I have shared. On opening for the first time, it will ask for some permissions. First, it will ask you permission to access storage to save files. After this, it will need your approval to access all media files.

It will show you all the images that people are using on their status. If you click on an image, you will see a plus button. There you will get many options like save, share, re-post, and set as. You do not need to have the internet to see the materials. But a connection is compulsory to download them on your phone.

You will get the same template and option for videos as well. But the “set as” option will be missing because it’s not wallpaper. If you want to save or share any material in bulk, then keep reading. Just long-press on it and select all the media items one by one. Then perform your action by clicking on the buttons appearing above.

Download Video Status From Facebook

As I have told you, this new version has many features to surprise you. With its help, you can download videos from other social networking sites. It was a great experience for me to download my favorite videos.

I had difficulty downloading videos from Facebook because it was a long process. But at the moment, I can save my desired file in a few minutes without interruption. If you have never done this before, do not panic because here I am going to tell you the process.

After opening this app, swipe twice to left to reach your destination. Then click on Facebook downloader to save videos from your timeline or feed. You will need to log in using your account email/number and password. After you have been logged in, click on any video to download it. Besides, there are other options to copy or share a link as well.


How to download WhatsApp status on android?

WhatsApp does not allow saving videos on its original platform. But anyone can do it using another app. There are bunches of status saver apps available for you. But I have talked about the best in this article.

What is the best WhatsApp status saver app?

Almost every app describes itself as the best on the internet. But it is difficult for us to make a decision. Each of them gives you the same facilities for free. But if you download Status Saver Pro Apk, you will get some extra services.

Can I use it for WhatsApp Business?

Of course, you can use it in the premium version. If you have downloaded the free version, you will miss it. A user can only download videos from WhatsApp in the free version. To get rid of the limit, upgrade your account by paying some amount.

Last Words

If you enjoyed reading this article, share it with more people. I hope that after reading this, you will not ask anyone to send your status. All you have to do is download the Status Saver Pro Apk 2020 and enjoy it.

At the top of this post, you will see an option to make a rating. If you like it, then boost our morale by giving it a good rating. Do you have any questions about this app? Please tell us that question through your comment. We will try to answer it in a short period.

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