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StoryChic Premium APK – When we say social media, Facebook is the first word on our mind, right? This is because in the past few times a lot of people have started using it. But if you pay attention, you will come to know an interesting thing. Instagram has also caught a lot of momentum in this race. A large number of people have joined this platform in the last few decades. Our today’s topic Storychic Mod Apk will provide you more information.

Whenever we meet someone, we ask for their username. Because in today’s digital age we are familiar with one thing. Any person is available on at least one social site. This is important as these platforms connect people of every country. Instagram is an online platform that serves this purpose. Like Whatsapp or any other network, it also gives you the facility of story. You can upload different types of images or videos to your story.

People express their mood using this feature in a general sense. StoryChic Premium APK helps you to convert your ordinary pictures into rare ones. There are awesome templates, exciting filters, unique designs, and more. I posted an article on the status saver for Whatsapp a few days ago. If you are eager to download your pal’s status, then it will work for you. Keep reading ahead to know more about today’s topic.

What is StoryChic Premium APK

Storychic is an android application to edit or make your Instagram status. The name of the developer is quite long on the app store. Therefore, I am not able to write that here, but I will explain everything about this app. You can create stunning videos or images for one of the best Social Site. People usually use this network to post their best pictures, isn’t it? There are millions of people doing the same work all day. But you will have to do something unique to become the best.

People love to see things that are out of their imagination. When I was gathering some information regarding StoryChic Premium Apk, I noticed something. Many people are using different editing tools to edit their photos. However, you don’t need so many apps for this purpose. Just one is enough to add some astonishing effects to your status. There are lots of themes, filters, layouts, professional tools, and stickers to mess with.

If your goal is to make your account as a brand, then you should use it. This will help not only a normal guy but YouTubers and bloggers as well. You can make your thumbnails or videos more engaging to drive traffic. Storychic Apk will prove to be beneficial for social influencers. They can promote any content or product through their famous accounts.

There is a cool collection of font styles to try inside the editor. But users want some extra features to import their font designs. This service is not available at the moment. I hope we can see something like this in future updates. Below Is the download link of Storychic Pro Apk you were waiting for.

StoryChic Premium Apk Mod unlocked Free Download

Download StoryChic Premium Apk unlocked

Open the app and click on your favorite template to start editing. Add a photo you want to use from your gallery. Crop or customize the images using the professional tools. Users can adjust vignette, noise, brightness, saturation, and more. The linear or radial blur effect is quite trending these days. You will get only a few features in 3 days trial period.

A watermark will appear on your art due to the non-payment of money. Users may need to add a payment method to use the free trial. However, people prefer to use the StoryChic Premium Apk instead of paying it. The crack genre provides all the features for free. But downloading it from an unknown source may be harmful to your device. The latest version gives more features than your expectations.

Apk NameStoryChic – Stories Editor for Instagram
DeveloperSelfie Camera & Photo Editor
Requirements5.3 and above
Last Update23 august 2021

This developer has made another app called Mojito for the same purpose. Try searching for an Instagram story maker app on the store. Both of the applications will be appearing on the top list. There are more applications that I will upload on upcoming days. Join our telegram channel to get updates on your phone.

Key Features

Beautiful templates – You don’t need to be a good designer. You can make attractive and cool stories without these professional skills. Storychic provides you with 1000+ templates to use in your Instagram stories. These are editable so you can modify them anytime.

Do you like making collages of your pictures? I have done it a lot while creating a birthday slideshow. This is the best way to put all your memories in one image. Storychic Unlock Apk offers you a variety of templates and designs for stunning collages. You will be feeling proud when viewers will appreciate your story.

Supports videos & photos – It quite hard to find an editor that supports both of the media files. Everyone can use Storychic to edit their photos and videos for Instagram stories. Do you want to attract more followers without spending money? Then try using different templates, designs, and effects from the collection.

Animate your texts – Adding text animation to your stories is a great idea to implement. You do not need to have extra skills for this. Just choose one from hundreds of effects available in Storychic VIP Mod Apk. You will have the ability to edit most of the parts of your text. It will not only bring life to your story but will get you lots of appreciation.

Theme collection – Storychic offers 60+ themes that you can choose from. These have different mojito designs and colors. These include Retro, Polaroid, Square, Collage, Carnival, and many more! You can also preview your Instagram post to see how it will look like to your followers! Now, you won’t have to settle for your boring and plain stories. Thanks to Storychic, everything is editable!

StoryChic Mod APK Features

No need to log in – Many apps ask you to create an account for the first time. You will have to use your email, number, Facebook, or something else to log in. Truly speaking, this is quite aggravating for me. It takes a big part of your valuable time to complete this process. On top of that, it is risky in some cases as well. Therefore, you should use StoryChic Premium Apk as it does not require log in. Just get this app and start using without further annoyance.

Delightful filters – There are numerous filters according to your mood or any occasion. Try some of the most popular glitch and retro effects. These presets are available not only for images but videos as well. You do not have to use any FX editor app along with this. Luxe, VHS, and more premium filters are waiting for you to use them.

Makes content worthy – Quality content matters a lot especially when you are a social influencer. Most of the people don’t know how to create a quality post. The reason behind it may be a lack of experience and designing skills. To increase your followers, this is the first step to take. But you do not need to worry because Storychic is here to assist you.

It is the best choice for both beginners and professionals. Get ready to make your posts go viral using some unique methods. Use a bunch of tools, filters, stickers, animations to add a rare look. Everyone will be appreciating the seductiveness of your content.


How to Make A Crack Version of this App?

If you want to create a crack form, you can follow this instruction. I am going to use Lucky Patcher to modify the app. But before going into this, I want to clarify one important point. Apkmodpro does not promote or teach illegal things. Everything I am going to explain is just for educational purposes. We are not responsible for any unbearable activity you do.

It’s time to download an app file editor to do some changes to its codes. Many people prefer Lucky Patcher to other tools available. Click on the name to download the installer file. Then get the original version of Storychic Premium Apk from the play store. Open the editing tool and click on the Instagram story maker app. Go to the menu of custom patches to get additional features.

You will have to rebuild apk for purchases and emulation inside the app. The whole process will take a long time to finish. So keep your phone in one place and wait for some time. After the rebuilding work has completed, it will show you the details. You can install, delete, or share the file with anyone else.

You should delete the original file before you install Storychic Mod APK. There are some video tutorials available on YouTube to help you. Rate this article and motivate us if you have found this instruction helpful. I have explained some important points below this guide. You should read more about this interesting application to gain some knowledge.

More Facts About StoryChic Premium APK

Normal people are not serious about Instagram stories. However, it gets more views than the posts you upload. YouTubers can upload their video parts to attract viewers to channels. Bloggers can promote their content to drive most of the traffic. Social influencers can upload quality content to reach more people. There are countless things you can do with it.

When you download the original version, you may think it is free. But it includes in-app purchases depending on the different plans you choose. First, you get 3 days of free trial to explore the choices. You have more options like 12 months or lifetime subscription. A plan of 1 year will cost you a one-time payment of 1350 rupees.

On the other hand, you can go for a Storychic VIP Apk plan of 2650 rupees. It means you can access this app whenever you want in your life. A majority of new users begin their journey with a free plan. Every premium feature like no watermark and filters is free. Besides, you will receive weekly updates on new features as well.

After the expiration of the free trial, you can purchase other plans. Many people are downloading crack genre to save money. However, this is not safe but don’t worry if you trust the source. Users have faith in Apkmodpro as it has met their expectations. We will keep trying to satisfy our users forever.

Last Words

In the end, I would like to say that this is the best app to make Instagram stories. You should use the StoryChic Premium Apk to explore its features. Because using the free version is not so beneficial for anyone. It depends on you how you want to take it in use.

Did you enjoy reading this post? Then you give it a good rating. To do this, you can use the rating button at the top. Spread this article to every person in your contact list. Before leaving our site, you should check out these interesting apps & games.