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Vault Premium Apk: Smartphones tell you everything about a person. We all have many important files on this device. So it is important to keep them safe from dangerous people. For this, you can install an app on your phone. Most people recommend downloading Vault Mod Apk. This article includes descriptions, features, questions, and guidelines.

Millions of people are protecting their phones with the same app. From today, you will not have to worry about data or phone loss. You can lock your apps, backup data, protect your privacy, and more. I will explain most of the important features in this informative post. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to stick to this article.

If you want to keep your device safe from hackers, then use the Kaspersky app. It provides you quite similar features like Vault Premium Apk. For example, you can hide media files, lock applications, and block callers. Not only this, but you can perform many actions for higher safety. Read the features of both of them to find out the useful one for you.

Vault Premium Apk Latest Version

The prime concern for every smartphone user should be security. Vault is an android tool to protect your privacy by doing simple things. Hide all your apps in one place and keep them safe with passwords. Invaders will not be able to steal even a single data from your device. This is a predominant tool with the purpose of safety.

We cannot deny that every day many people fall victim to cybercrime. Also, some people tamper with your phone without your permission. This is why people are resorting to Vault Premium Apk. It has all the facilities to take your phone to a different level of security. Hackers and thieves do not leave a single way to steal your data. Protect all possible files of your device with just a tick.

Around 50 million people are experiencing the unique features of this app. However, there are hundreds of apps available on different app stores. But vault provides some extra unique features to satisfy its users. When I was researching on this application, I saw tons of positive reviews.

It is so easy that you do not have to take various steps to do anything. Every single option is at the front of your eyes. There is no need to activate it many times as it works in the background. Do you think viruses can enter your device through browsers? Then use its incognito browser inside the Vault Mod Apk. This is not only safe but works fast as well.

Vault Premium Apk Mod Free Download Latest 2020

Download Vault Premium Apk 2020

Fingerprint technology has come into existence a few years ago. Since then everyone is crazy about this technology. It is a better choice for more safety as well. You, me, and everyone have different marks on our fingers. Vault gives you the feature to unlock apps using your fingerprint. Likewise, you can use a pattern or code instead of this.

Apart from all these, you can also change the password pad theme. Users can either keep it simple or change it to a calculator view. Unlike other apps, the Vault Pro Apk has a clean and intriguing interface. Just spend 15 MB of your internet and get this attractive application. You can place your phone anywhere and be stress-free. Because the vault will protect your device from this time.

Apk NameVault – Hide Photos/App Lock
Size15 MB
DeveloperWafer Co.
Last Update3 june 2021

Do you know what is good about the vault app? It does not require the internet to enjoy its services. But there are some definite features that need a data connection. For example, it is necessary while backing up and downloading your data. You should try vault to know how it works. Just set everything and ask your friends to access any app.

Key Features

  • Do you have some important apps for personal use? Vault Premium provides you a feature to hide all of them. Set a strong set of words to protect your apps from others. If anyone gets your password, he can access the vault. This is why you should keep your password a secret for all.
  • Besides hiding your apps, you can lock them as well. This feature is to provide you some extra protection from danger. It means you can set some combinations of letters to make a password. Whenever anyone opens the app, it will ask to enter the certain digits. It is good for people who do not want others to access your phone. Start locking your major applications like social media, browser, contacts, gallery.
  • Sometimes some people use your phone without permission in your absence. Many people around us do this type of unbearable activity. But you don’t have to worry because of the Vault Premium Apk. Whenever someone enters the wrong password, it will click the photo of the guy. It is one of my favorite features to increase safety.
  • Spammers can target your device from anywhere. Sometimes they choose the phone as their main source of spamming. You may also have received spam calls before. How would you feel if you could get information about the caller? With the help of Vault Apk, you can perform this task in seconds.

Vault Mod Apk Features

  • You should keep a backup of all your essential files or data. Suppose you have not installed this app on your phone and an incident occurs. You delete all your necessary files or data from the device. Then you will have to face a lot of problems. But if you have this tool installed on your device, then don’t worry. Just back up everything on the cloud to stay stress-free.
  • A great idea is to set a password using Vault Premium. But what if you lose the code? Will you be able to access the app or device without a password? Don’t worry about the problem, as you can retrieve the security code via email. So do not put too much pressure on your mind and stay in fun.
  • Do you want to surf the internet without any tracking? Your normal browser may save your searches, history, and more things. But Vault Mod Apk has a separate browser inside it. You can search for anything, go to any website like anonymous. Nobody will be able to track your actions on the web. It will be quite impossible for anyone to trace your history.


How to Use Vault App to Hide Photos

Are you eager to know the process of hiding and securing everything? Maybe some of you have already taken information about it on YouTube. But even if you have not done so, there is no problem. I will tell you about every step of running this app. For this, you will have to install the Vault app on your phone. It does not matter where you download it from.

After opening the Vault Mod Apk, allow some permissions and click on next. These permissions are important for a better user experience. You can use features like hiding vault, locking apps. On moving ahead, it will tell you to create a strong password. Users can enter a maximum of fifteen digits to make a code. Confirm your password by re-typing the codes you have created.

Select the plan to use the Vault app as per your convenience. There are two types of packages available, free and premium. Do you want to know what is the difference between them? I have made a table of comparison to explain to you. The basis of comparison is the features available in various schemes.

Hide videos & PhotosYesYes
Backup up to1 GB1 TB
Hide app iconNoYes
No AdvertisementsNoYes
Lock AppsNoYes
Create a fake vaultNo Yes
Get AlertsNoYes

After seeing this table, you must have understood the shortcomings and benefits. Not many features are available for non-payment people. On the other hand, Vault Premium Apk users are getting a bunch of opportunities. If you do not have a sufficient amount to pay, go for free.

Let’s Explore the App Features

On the main screen, you will see six grids with different features. It includes photos, videos, lock, backup, and so on. Tap any of them and give permission to start using it. Add pictures or videos in your vault to hide them from everyone. Once you set up a password, no one can access the file without the code.

Apart from this, you can lock your essential apps like Facebook, Gmail, Gallery, WhatsApp. Basic and camouflage are the two ways of locking. The first one requires a fifteen-digit code to unlock the application. However, the second feature helps distract people. This will show a fake crash report to drive everyone away.

Sometimes we do not remember the password and we lose control. To change or create a new one, add a different email in the vault apk. Whenever you forget your password it will send a link or code. This feature is helpful for people who barely remember any code. I have been in such situations many times, so I liked this facility a lot.

On the other side, it provides you an internal incognito browser to search anything. You will not have to look everywhere in search of a good app. Along with a good tool, it also provides a good browser. If you use vault Premium Apk to google anything, no one can track your data.


How to keep my phone safe from others?

It is good to have this question in your mind. You may have some personal or essential files. Therefore, you should use an app to lock them with strong passwords. Are you wondering which app should you use? Just download vault and get you every file safe.

Can I use Vault Apk for free on android?

Everyone can use it with or without money. When you start using the app, you have to choose a plan. The free one has only a few basic features to use. But the premium genre includes many amazing qualities inside. Using your favorite plan depends on your convenience.

What are the benefits of Vault Premium Apk?

When you give payment to any app, there is no doubt you will have fun. Bonus services like camouflage theme, no ads, hide app, and so on. There are more benefits to find out on your own.

Last Words

I still remember the day when my friend read my chat without my consent. It was an unbearable activity that I cannot forget. Therefore, I have started using the latest version of Vault Premium Apk. Whenever someone tries to access an app, it asks for a password. This protects not only apps but also my personal information. Also, I can surf the internet without being tracked by this moment.

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